How to Know if You Are Ready For a Threesome

Will A Threesome Hurt Your Marriage

You can sleep three times with a person, but you can also sleep once with three people … Making love to many would be a fantasy shared by 36% * of French people. However, the threesome remains a taboo subject and few people dare to take the threesome step: according to an Ifop survey released in June 2010, only 10% of men and 5% of women have practiced it at least once .

This is the experience experienced by a 25 years old. “My boyfriend had longed for that,” she says, “we talked about it regularly, but to tell you the truth, I did not really want to jump in. I was pretty young, 19 years old at the time. lacked confidence in me and in him especially.I finally accepted, to please him in large part.In hindsight I realize that it was a very bad idea to pass his desires before mine. Continue reading

Cyber sex and the future of remote sex technology

The virtual reality and the teledildonics should soon allow us to make love at a distance. For some, this virtual sex could even supplant physical relationships, remote or not … Welcome to the era of cybersex.

Sexy couple making love and using virtual reality devices

The sex of the future will not be limited to love with robots. Virtual reality and remote stimulation devices should soon enable us to send us in the air, in pairs, in an imaginary world – even if our partner is on the other side of the world. Continue reading

Digital detox: how to unhook without cutting everything?

On average, you enter your smartphone about 76 times a day, for 162 minutes in total. You spend an average of 50 minutes on Facebook and Messenger, a good half hour on Snapchat, or 1h30 on Spotify. You do all this, of course, at the same time, on the principle of “multitasking”. And you finally spend more than 6 hours a day on the Internet.

Are you addicted to social media? Probably. Like almost everyone, actually. The one who has never spent, alone, the bulk of his journey by metro eyes with his smart phone is a pearl rare. Just like the one who does not watch television while “scrolling” on his Facebook timeline, or sending messages to his friends on Messenger.

Smartphones became an extension of ourselves

It’s not really a scoop: digital has changed our relationship to time and information. Our smartphone makes us more impatient, more passive, more stressed … but we need it, as if it were something really vital. In fact, we could compare our phones to “comforters”, which we would consult constantly to reassure us. Continue reading