Cyber sex and the future of remote sex technology

The virtual reality and the teledildonics should soon allow us to make love at a distance. For some, this virtual sex could even supplant physical relationships, remote or not … Welcome to the era of cybersex.

Sexy couple making love and using virtual reality devices

The sex of the future will not be limited to love with robots. Virtual reality and remote stimulation devices should soon enable us to send us in the air, in pairs, in an imaginary world – even if our partner is on the other side of the world.

You may have thought that the scene where Sandra Bullock offered a helmet to Sylvester Stallone in Demolition man for “making love”, sitting in a car without a driver, was destined only to remain science fiction? With the growing development of virtual porn and connected sextoys, fiction may well become reality.

Remote sex and Cyber Sex Technology

For several years already, Vibease offers sextoys connected to the Internet, which allow to “keep a link” with his partner from a distance. In the past, you could operate your friend’s sexual toy with a remote control – today you can do it on the Net.

Kiiroo, a Dutch company, goes even further: since 2015, it markets the Onyx and the Pearl, a system of mutual sextoys (a masturbator and a vibrator) connected, which stimulate both at a distance.

“The vibrator feels every movement and movement inside the body on the masturbator at the other end of the line. This device works in combination with a secure platform that allows lovers to see, hear and write in real time, “says Kiiroo. A way to feel “close” far more effective than “the telephone link or the webcam interposed” … Even if “nothing can replace a physical contact and real”, adds the manufacturer of sextoys.

Note that it will also be possible soon to kiss at a distance, with Kissenger, a rubber device that will simply plug into his smartphone, able to reproduce, remotely, the movements of the mouth of his partner .. .

Behind this miracle of technology that could make smile, hides a true science: the teledildonic (“tele” for distance, “dildo” for sextoys), or “study of the sexual stimulation remotely using sextoys and devices capable of causing excitation. ”

This search field is not new. As the sociologist Antonio Casilli, the author of Les Liaisons Numériques, explains, teledildonics was developed by the US Army in the 1970s – at the time destined for the soldiers, who had long been stationed away from home. Then, in the 1990s, these remote love systems were diverted by civil engineers and developers of virtual reality applications (3D simulations), for “playful” use.

SEX in Virtual Reality

Combined with virtual reality, teledildonic could allow us to have a sexual relationship with more than just a digital avatar: facing us, in RV, would find a real person, with whom we would make love – a way not so “virtual” as that.

For now, there is not yet any combination for making love in virtual reality. If you saw an info in 2016 that a Japanese studio was selling it, it was an April fish. But until when ?

In the wake of the porn industry, which relies heavily on virtual reality, VR headphones already allow the visualization of X contents, while being stimulated live by connected sextoys like those of Kiiroo, faithfully reproducing the actions at the screen, for example a “virtual fellatio”.

Matt McMullen, the creator of Abyss Creation and Sexdots Realdolls, plans to combine his next sexual robot with an AI, Harmony, and the RV to create a “complete ecosystem for virtual love” . Difficult to know what he really has behind the head, but it should probably be a way to visualize in RV his spouse or an avatar, while making love to his robot, or to have a relationship sexuality in a virtual world with an artificial intelligence … Already, a “robot masturbator”, the VR Tenga offers a little insight into such a system: this robotic vagina allows the user to simulate a sexual relationship while watching , via a helmet, the images corresponding to the act realized in cyberspace …

A real remote sexual relationship in 10 years: “a kind of fetishism”

While waiting to be able to make love at a distance while contemplating in RV, it should be possible, soon, to do it via avatars (or alone, with artificial creatures), in a virtual universe. Brian Shuster, founder of Holo Girls VR, a platform of VR porn movies, bets that in 10 years, virtual sex should supplant real carnal relationships. He thinks that the RV, coupled with teledildonics, should give us “a much better sexual experience than the one we live with our fellow men”. And for good reason, since sex machines “never get tired and are always ready”, and that the pleasure felt in virtual should accordingly be greater.

“In a few years, having a real sexual relationship with someone will become a kind of fetish. Most sex will pass through technology and virtual reality, “does not hesitate to prophesy Brian Shuster. For him, “making love” in Demolition Man’s way, by renouncing carnal relationships and plunging into a virtual world, should have many advantages: “RV will improve the quality of relationships and strengthen relationships. It will reduce the risk of infidelity. We will no longer have to worry about unwanted pregnancies, STDs … And some practices may become more accessible. ” But what, then, of the pleasure of looking at one’s own eyes, of touching one’s own hands? Will we also have to resort to artificial uterus to reproduce ourselves? Could this be the end of real physical contact … and love?

With accessories adding to the VR experience, touch, smell or even taste, virtual immersion teledildon could be very realistic, and constitute an interesting solution for remote relationships. But in the absence of physical separation, it is difficult to believe this chimerical and even dangerous idea that one day we could prefer a helmet and sad robotic accessories to a real carnal relationship … Rendezvous in 10 years to To be certain. Until then, enjoy your dear and tender.